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The Topper

Announcing a simple new tool for APQS brand long arm machines called the Topper. This system stitches perfect circles from the front of your long arm Utilizing a stylus and stainless steel arm attached to the head of the machine, circles from two inches to ten inches in diameter in half-inch increments can be easily placed and stitched on the quilt top. The Topper system includes the stainless steel arm, an aluminum stylus, an adjustable acrylic pattern wheel that securely attaches to two rollers and an adjustable pattern wheel for stitching perfect circles.

Another innovative application is the ability to use commercial block-sized pattern boards to stitch designs at the front of the machine. By removing the Topper circle wheel, the pattern boards can be attached to the base with clamps or painter’s tape. No more stretching across to pull up the bobbin thread, no more unnoticed thread breakage or running out of bobbin thread. You are comfortable stitching standing at the front and viewing everything. Our stylus is compatible with the pattern boards offered by R&S Designs. Click on the link to view Ron and Sharon’s great designs.

The Topper is available for the APQS Millennium, Liberty, and Lenni machines.

The topper system is $279.00 (includes shipping anywhere in US).